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Tabea Reiner



Book chapter: Further motivating the challengeability criterion for evidentiality. In Juana I. Marín-Arrese/Elena Domínguez/Victoria Martín & Marta Carretero (eds.), Evidentiality and epistemic modality. Conceptual and descriptive issues. Bern: Lang.

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Book chapter: Who needs posterior infinitives? In Dankmar Enke/Larry Hyman/Johanna Nichols/Guido Seiler & Thilo Weber (eds.), Language change for the worse. Berlin: Language Science Press (Studies in Diversity Linguistics).
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2022Book chapter: Isolating the syntactic factor in non-standard punctuation: A thought experiment with pilot study on the Vorfeldkomma in written German. In Paul Rössler/Peter Besl & Anna Saller (Hgg.), Vergleichende Interpunktion – Comparative Punctuation. Berlin: De Gruyter (Linguistik – Impulse & Tendenzen 96), 91–108.
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Book chapter: Recursion and paradigms. In Gabriele Diewald & Katja Politt (eds.), Paradigms regained: Theoretical and empirical arguments for the reassessment of the notion of paradigm, 125–169. Berlin: Language Science Press (EOTMS).


Book chapter: Comparative concepts are not a different kind of thing. In Luca Alfieri/Giorgio F. Arcodia & Paolo Ramat (eds.), Linguistic categories, language description and linguistic typology. Amsterdam: Benjamins (Typological Studies in Language 132), 211–248.
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Journal article: Thoughts on feature intersection. Proceedings of the Mediterranean Morphology Meetings 12. 92–97.
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Book chapter: Variation in non-finiteness and temporality from a canonical perspective. In Antje Dammel & Oliver Schallert (eds.), Morphological variation: Theoretical and empirical perspectives. Amsterdam: Benjamins (Studies in Language Companion Series 207), 283–310.
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Journal article: ??...sehen werden kann. Ergebnisse einer Korpusstudie. Sprachwissenschaft 42(2). 191–202.


Journal article: An emerging future infinitive in present day German? De Gruyter Open Linguistics 1. 503–518.
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Book chapter: Lexical and grammatical meaning revisited. In Piotr Stalmaszczyk (Hg.), Semantics and beyond: Philosophical and linguistic inquiries. Berlin: De Gruyter (Philosophische Analyse 57), 231–240.
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Journal article: Noch ein Infinitiv? Diskussionsforum Linguistik in Bayern/Bavarian Working Papers in Linguistics 3. 77–89.
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Book: Prospektive Verben im Deutschen: An der Schnittstelle von lexikalischer Semantik und Satzsyntax. Heidelberg: Winter (Germanistische Bibliothek 50).
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Reviewed by Petra Szatmári in Aussiger Beiträge 9 (2015): 268-271.


Journal article: Prospektive Verben im Deutschen: An der Schnittstelle zwischen Syntax und Semantik. Diskussionsforum Linguistik in Bayern/Bavarian Working Papers in Linguistics 1. 68–73.
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Journal article (with C. Cunha/S. Jaki/U. Stangel): Sprachvariation im europäischen Kontext: Einleitung. JournaLIPP 1. i–v.
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Edited (with C. Cunha/S. Jaki/U. Stangel): JournaLIPP 1. Sprachvariation im Europäischen Kontext – Language variation in Europe and beyond.