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Tabea Reiner

Research interests

So far, my research interests have been mainly focused on certain phenomena of German verbs, e.g.:

(1) Er hat sehr gelacht → Graduation of verbs? (Master's thesis)
(2) Sie haben morgen Regen vorhergesagt → incongruence of adverbial and tense? (PhD thesis)
(3) Er verspricht, spielen zu werden/Er muss spielen werden können → Infinitive Posterior in German? (Habilitation thesis)

Currently, I am enjoying researching (also) outside the box of German verbs. Among others, I am interested in the following topics:

  • Grammatical signs as self-referential signs (Reiner 2014).
  • Morphological theory: paradigms – concept and use (Reiner i. Dr.)
  • Argument realisation: inverse systems as a canonical ideal?
  • Coordination and ellipsis: arguments for a finite VP in German?